TRIOPLAN® are unique dietary supplements – a 3-part plan for daily consumption. Our body needs various nutrients which are best absorbed at a particular time of the day. The TRIOPLAN® daily plan consists of three food supplements taken at different times of the day. When using TRIOPLAN®, our body gets the required substances when it needs them most. Nature House is the only company in Lithuania having a custom-made blister pack production line allowing for three different components to be put into one blister pack. With this line in place, the company may produce unique TRIOPLAN® health sets. One of the products manufactured by this line – TRIOPLAN Sir was awarded the bronze medal at the international healthy lifestyle exhibition HEALTH Life held in 2008 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Health Complex for Joints.INFO

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It is a complex of efficiently-balanced vitamins, microelements, antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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It is a unique, convenient and stylish daily plan for active women who take care of their beauty.

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TRIOPLAN Sir is a health and strength complex of the 21st century developed to maintain the harmony of your body and soil.