Biosola is one of the first modern Lithuanian factories In 2004, a food supplement factory meeting the European Union standards was built in Didžioji Riešė village, Vilnius District. Its spacious premises totalling 1500 sq. meters have been designed to comply with the requirements of good manufacturing practice, i. e. to reduce the risk of contamination and other factors that may have an impact on the quality of products. 

There is a modern ventilation system in place: the air supplied to the production premises passes a 3-stage filtration system. Our factory uses modern technological equipment. The pre-packaging workshop has 2 semi-automated pre-packaging lines which fill tablets and capsules into plastic bottles. Biosola, UAB is the only company in Lithuania and one of the few European companies who have a custom-made blister pack production line allowing for three different components to be put into a single blister pack.  This has enabled us to launch the production of TRIOPLAN® health sets, a food supplement range containing exceptional ingredients and presented in a customer-friendly form. Our company regularly makes additions to its product range. Currently, our range includes preparations of 80 names. Over 350 thousand different packages are produced per month. The speed of the blister pack production line only is 100 blister packs per min. Control devices for the packaging process have been installed in our machinery which control each tablet and capsule being put into a blister pack. Biosola, UAB also performs secondary product packaging, i. e. packing of blister packs and bottles into boxes. The capacity of the secondary packaging equipment is 40 to 45 boxes per minute. The boxes are labeled with series and an expiration date; a package insert is put into the box; then the pharmaceutical codes of the box and the package insert are checked against the product data entered in the computer. In this way we ensure that a product is packed into a proper box. If discrepancies are found, the packaging machine removes them automatically without stopping the packaging process. This ensures the packaging efficiency.